About us

Dr. Feisal Ajam

Chief Dentist, Preservatory and Dental Prosthetics Specialist

– 1980: Dental Technician Degree

– 1988: Semmelweis University – Faculty of Dentistry: Doctor of Dental Medicine  (D.M.D.)

– 2013: Central Institute of Stomatology: Preservatory and Dental Prosthetics Degree

– Since 2013: Chief Dentist at the Central Institute of Stomatology

– Since: 1988: Private Practice

– Languages: English, Hungarian


Viktória Forgács

Dental Hygienist

1997: Bókay Medical School: Dental Hygienist Degree

1997: Technical practice in the Parodontology Clinics of the Semmelweis University and at the Institute of Stomatology

Since 1998: Private Practice as Dental Hygienist and Assistant